Hamad Medical Corporation continues its Ramadan diabetes screening and education. Screening kiosk are set up with staffed by trained diabetes nurses and educators in the entrance hallway of the mosque as part of Hamad’s annual Ramadan health awareness campaign.

Attendance for prayers at mosques tends to increase during the holy month so these screenings, which have become an annual event for Hamad, present an opportune time to screen the local community for diabetes and to help individuals understand the signs and symptoms of the disease. The events also provide an opportunity for our trained diabetes experts to talk with diabetic patients and to offer advice on managing their condition and eating healthily during Ramadan.

Screening campaign in Al Khor Mosques and in Al Wakra are conducted thousands of visitors are screened at kiosks and receive a personalized analysis of their results. More than 3,150 worshippers were screened as part of events held during Ramadan 2016.

Screening for diabetes and pre-diabetes provides us with an opportunity to start an important conversation. It allows us to identify individuals who do not know they are diabetic and to help those who are pre-diabetic, or at risk of becoming pre-diabetic, by talking to them about prevention programs, treatment, and care.

Community screenings are an important part of diabetes community outreach program and have been successfully used in schools, workplaces, places of worship and other locations to help members of the public learn about the health risks of diabetes.

HMC is also organizing a series of other events, including corporate education and awareness sessions. During the month of Ramadan, a phone-based emergency service which allows patients with diabetes, their relatives or caregivers, to call and ask for medical advice related to diabetes and fasting. The hotline (5598 1331) is operational from 8 am to 11 pm, seven days a week.

For tips and information about living with diabetes during Ramadan, and the rest of the year, visit The website contains a full listing of events planned during the month of Ramadan and has helpful resources such as a cookbook with diabetic-friendly versions of recipes for popular dishes such as biryani and thereed. To mark the holy month this year, PHCC has launched a “Fast Well in Ramadan” campaign in Qatar. An awareness and educational campaign led campaign led by a team of family physicians and nutritionists providing information across various governmental institutions and key community sites.  In an effort to increase awareness around the benefits of fasting and how to fast whilst, maintain a healthy lifestyle the team will be presenting educational seminars on topics including fasting with diabetes, fasting with kidney failure and health prevention measure during the fasting period.

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC holds patient engagement sessions across the health centers, inviting patients to take part, creating opportunities for the public to consult family physicians, nutritionist and wellness specialist, providing them with tailored advice.

The key messages of the campaign aim to encourage people to identify the health benefits of fasting ensure that they are paying attention to the food they consume and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle whilst embracing the holy month of Ramadan.

These campaigns are a great opportunity to drive forward PHCC’s vision of helping Qatar communities to achieve a healthy lifestyle, more than communication; striving to create change, provide a trigger for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle with guidance from PHCC.

As part of the Fast well in Ramadan campaign, PHCC issues health awareness cards containing health literacy around fasting in Ramadan distributes a Ramadan giveaway bag that includes awareness booklets and helpful information.

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